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Alfred Color Themes

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Various colored themes for Alfred v2. You can download all on Github as well. Gray Download Gray   Red Download Red  Purple Download Purple   Blue Download Blue   Green Download Green   Yellow Download Yellow   White Download White   Black Download Black Or…. Download all from Github.

iOS Simulator Workflow for Alfred v2.


An Alfred workflow that allows you to open Xcode’s iPhone simulator and launch Safari. You can optionally specify a URL. Requires Xcode 6.1 and Alfred power tools. Download iOS Simulator.

Adobe Fireworks – Creating the Nology Interactive Mascot

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Some background… I have had the privilege of working with Nology Interactive for the past 13 years on some very exciting projects such as the Chicago Marathon, Best Buy, Fox Sports and more. Most of what I do is Design/Front-end and WordPress development but we offer a wide range of digital services. If you are curious […]

Sketch and Adobe Fireworks: Thoughts / Comparison

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With Adobe’s decision to kill off Fireworks, there has been a lot of discussion of what would replace it. Most seem to be pointing to Sketch. So… I decided to do a video on my thoughts of Sketch and how it compares to Fireworks. I wanted to compare some of the common things that I do in […]

WebResource.axd and ScriptResource.axd 404 error with WordPress


While working on a WordPress project, one of the requirements was to keep an existing web application in ASP.NET which also meant that this would be on a Windows server. No big whoop, right? Here is something I learned… The rewrite rules for WordPress in the web.config can interfere with calling the WebResource.axd and ScriptResource.axd. […]

Dynamic Subpages in WordPress

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When working with client websites (or your own), it important to make it easy to navigate content. In many cases, you will have a horizontal top (parent) level navigation menu and you might have drop down menus to drill down through child pages. This is helpful, but not easy to use, especially if your menu […]

WordPress: Load jQuery From CDN

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Add the following snippet to your function.php file to load jQuery from a CDN.

Source: WordPress Codex

Create QR codes!

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Just for the heck of it, I created a QR code generator based on google APIs. Nothing special. Just a tool that will allow to create a QR code and add it to your site. It will let your users to take snapshots of the QR code on your site using their mobile device to […]

Super Easy Copy Filler with a Click

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I used to use www.lipsum.com for copy filler… Not anymore. I now use this super handy Mac App, Littleipsum. It is super easy to use and will help streamline your workflow. Every little bit counts.

iPhone App – Stanky Cheese (free)

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As mentioned in a previous post, I am learning to develop for the iPhone and needed an app to get my feet wet. The idea of the app came from my 9 year old daughter. It was a prefect app to get my feet wet and was fun to make. It is a fart app […]

HTML6 and CSS4 Announced – All Majors Browsers on Board


Yup, HTML 6 and CSS4 announced today. All major browsers agree to fully support on day one. While we wait for HTML5 and CSS3 to be finalized and deal with the sluggish support in all major browsers, the WWW Consortium has announced the new versions. They also mention that all major browsers are to support […]

Browser Testing Your Sites in IE 5.5 to IE8 Using IETester


If you develop websites on either Windows or the Mac and use a virtual Windows OS program (like parallels), you might want to take a peek at IETester from DebugBar. The free tool is an all in one web browser that renders and uses the JavaScript engines for versions of IE8, IE7 IE 6 and […]

iPad Giveaway at geekforum.com!

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With the launch of geekforum.com, we thought what a better way to kick it off than to give away a brand new Apple iPad. One lucky geekforum.com registered user will be receiving this gift (sweet!). Will it be you? Register and post your reason for wanting an Apple iPad. See full details here. Geekforum.com shares […]