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Adobe Fireworks, You Are Better Than Your Maker. Adobe Inc, F*&^ Off.

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First off… Adobe Fireworks is my tool of choice for wire-framing, proto-typing and design. Its value is in its ease of use and the seamless integration into my workflow. I simply love it. This is also true for just about every Fireworks user out there. With that said…

Fireworks will no longer be apart of my not-so-distant future. Not because I no longer want it, far from it. Adobe seems to think they know my workflow and what my needs are better than, well, me. Adobe has declared Fireworks dead in favor of a “collection” of “task-focused” tools that will work better for “today’s web designer”. They also say Fireworks had overlap with their other tools. <cough>Bullpucky</cough>. You can read about Adobe’s bad decision here.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for growing and making my workflow more efficient. I am also for the industry pushing for efficiency and innovation. After all, if I am more efficient, I am more profitable, right? If a company is more innovative, they grow because I will buy their products, right? Well, take a look at what Adobe says about Fireworks and what their vision is and why they are dropping it… This quote was in response to the angry Fireworks users…

“Designing for the screen in 2013 is incredibly different to designing for the screen in 1998. As we considered adding new capabilities to Fireworks, we came to the conclusion that creating new, task-focused tools would better enable us to meet the future needs of web designers and developers.”

Interesting, no? Wait, there is more. They also say…

“Adobe has embarked on creating a new collection of tools and services aimed at addressing the needs of today’s web designer.”

Hmm… even more interesting… That word… that one word…”Collection”. Hmmm… “Collection”.  Wait! I could be using a “collection” of tools rather than one? Is that what Adobe is saying? Because when they said they were ditching Fireworks, they didn’t bother mentioning anything that would be replacing it. Is this what they intend? To replace it with a “collection” of tools?

Well, sign me right the f*%^ up with my fist full of money that is shaking in Adobe’s direction. /sarcasm

When I think about it, I have to ask, why would I want to divide my workflow into a “collection” of “task-focused” tools? Why would I want to complicate/hinder my workflow by adding more tools than I need to do the job that a single tool was/is more than capable of doing? I do not understand the reasoning behind Adobe’s decision. Is Adobe suggesting a faster, more efficient workflow than what I have now? If so, where is it? Where is that innovation? Certainly not in a “collection” of “task-focused” tools, right?

Maybe they should explain this workflow that will be better for “today’s web designer”. I simply do not see it. I would think dividing tasks in multiple tools would be less efficient, especially when they had a single product that totally met so many people’s needs.

To me, their statements are patronizing and shows that they are NOT listening to their users/customers. Fireworks is “THE” UX/UI tool for many of us. Many of “Today’s web designers” are using Fireworks to help them efficiently produce wire-frames, proto-types and designs. Fireworks is an amazing tool at this task. We are using it to define the UX/UI of websites and mobile apps for today’s devices. If anything, Adobe’s other tools overlap with Fireworks.

But… it seems that it is now the Adobe way or the highway.

I will move on, Adobe. I see no need to continue with Adobe products as they no longer fit within my definition of what “today’s web designer” needs.

Fireworks, you are the keystone of my daily duties. I value your role in my workflow more than you will ever know. I will hang on to you as long as I can, my friend.

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