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HTML6 and CSS4 Announced – All Majors Browsers on Board


Yup, HTML 6 and CSS4 announced today. All major browsers agree to fully support on day one.

While we wait for HTML5 and CSS3 to be finalized and deal with the sluggish support in all major browsers, the WWW Consortium has announced the new versions. They also mention that all major browsers are to support the features and render the same on all devices and promise no more hacks or the need to target browsers specifically. It was also noted that all major browsers would do a  “force upgrade” of all browsers in use today. W3 said that the plan to eradicate old browsers still in use today involved a 2 year discussion with all major the browsers (IE, Fire Fox, Safari, Chrome, Etc…) on the best approach. What was decided was to simply render the old browsers useless and force the user to upgrade.

You can read more about the announcement here.

  • Chris

    nice!!! got me!

    • http://derek1906.site50.net/ Derek

      Actually, CSS4 is announced. CSS4 W3C Draft

  • http://www.hacerunapagina.com.ar Hacer una Pagina

    Very Good.


  • http://none cedman

    Got me 2!

  • http://nightskyproject.com Arkadi

    Is this so difficult to achieve?? Come on, I bet it won’t cost too much to finally make it right!!

  • srinivas

    Thanks for sharing

  • katherine


  • ved


  • pardid

    Are you sure it’s a private joke ? find HTML6: HTML + SVG + CSS here : http://www.w3.org/2010/11/TPAC/PlenaryAgenda

    • http://derek1906.site50.net Derek


  • http://ogge.co.uk James

    You got me… well… rather depressed after that little glimmer of hope.

  • http://www.bkwebdesignandhosting.co.uk Bk Designs

    april fools ahhahahaa

  • http://yeppaul2.tumblr.com/ Paul

    Got me from Google.

  • weberc2

    I like the idea of rendering old browsers useless and forcing users to upgrade. Most users aren’t savvy enough to upgrade without downloading the new browser through their OLD browser. Actually, most users aren’t even savvy enough to upgrade with full browser access, otherwise this would be a non-problem. 😉

  • http://www.inmarketingwetrust.com.au Freddy @ In Marketing We Trust

    Hurray no more IE6 special coding!!!
    I love it when a plan comes together!

  • Raj

    Check the date its April 1st, 2010 :)

  • LAci

    Today was announced the version 4.01. 😉
    Improved mobile support is part of it.

  • Vlad

    I saw it working and its amazing!!!

  • http://www.twitaudi.com twitaudi.com

    Got me too, I am looking for online voice recording function will be standardized soon.

  • http://www.bets.cat Apuestas Deportivas

    Aren’t we all waiting for this? again, there is another language to learn and code. bufff. We are waiting. amazing

  • sprabs

    got me more than a year after, i was left high and dry

  • Russell_Comer

    Needs some tweaks but overall beautiful job. 3D window box adjustment needs more work as to selection of frequency mod that works within monitors of greater than 240 hertz.

  • John

    I hope so

  • Soulcyon


    You can stop dreaming and get back to reality.

  • Edgar

    Lol.. got me…2 years after that lol :) nice

  • leonid

    cool, but i noticed that some websites still use html 1.0, sao some websites are really outdated i guess

  • http://derek1906.site50.net Derek

    Oh, I heard that they are making CSS5 this year! 😀

    • http://www.google.com/ Lyndall

      A really good answer, full of ratoialinty!

  • http://blog.end3r.com/ Ender

    Fun then, fact now: http://css4.pl/ – surprise!

  • http://webstandard.kulando.de/ Webstandard-Blog

    Awesome and I hope the next browserversions are going to support CSS4 more and more. I gave some infos about CSS4 and the future of Webdesign at my blog and readers love the idea of new kind of selectors and all that new features.

  • http://www.digitalboutique.co.uk Gary

    When When When, will this take effect?

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  • http://nill saikat Sengupta

    how can update the CSS4 compability pack using browser like IE-9 or Chrome-18 … due to great news for me specially for few days i want create break border (not dotted or dashed) using css3 … but unable to find it…

    After release of W3C CSS4 Specication document … i see i my quary that are solve using new attribute name border-cliping tag

  • http://www.klevismiho.com Klevis Miho

    I can’t wait

  • http://www.shashikantblog.com/ shashikant

    HTML6 and CSS4 have been announced already it be includes ( Every Front End Developer, Javascript Expert Web Designer )

    See the links

  • Werner

    2 years later and nothing…

  • LNK

    I’ve heard it has some kind of backward compatibility, so the only browser would support it is IE6.0, is it true?

  • LNK

    I hope HTML6 would support my favorite Marquee tag. I miss it soo much

  • http://www.prasant.com.np prashantchalise

    Wait !! I haven’t even started learning (new ?) HTML5

  • Thomas

    Wow I actually fell for it!

  • Mark Kevin Besinga

    hahaha me either

  • netsurfer912

    By “Day one” Microsoft actually meant “Fuck you, we’re going to do our own buggy, half-compatible specification”

    • Dominic Maas

      Actually since IE8 Microsoft has been working with the standards very well. Even to the point past Google Chrome (see pointer events drama)

  • Dat adobe cc hater

    I think they are going to install cc! XD

  • Mario Cotom

    Cool la nueva generacion de la tecnologia