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Alfred Color Themes

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Various colored themes for Alfred v2. You can download all on Github as well. Gray Download Gray   Red Download Red  Purple Download Purple   Blue Download Blue   Green Download Green   Yellow Download Yellow   White Download White   Black Download Black Or…. Download all from Github.

Alfred Misc.

iOS Simulator Workflow for Alfred v2.

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An Alfred workflow that allows you to open Xcode’s iPhone simulator and launch Safari. You can optionally specify a URL. Requires Xcode 5, iOS 7.1 SDK and Alfred power tools. Download iOS Simulator.

Alfred iPhone Apps Misc.

Password Generator Workflow for Alfred v2

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A workflow that allows you to generate random passwords. Optionally, you can specify password length as well. Requires Alfred power tools. Download PassGen for Alfred v2.

Alfred Misc.

Manchester United – Alfred Theme

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A personal theme created for Alfred v2. Download Manchester United Alfred (v2) Theme (theme file) Download Zip Version Get Alfred (it’s amazeballs)


Adobe Fireworks – Creating the Nology Interactive Mascot

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Some background… I have had the privilege of working with Nology Interactive for the past 13 years on some very exciting projects such as the Chicago Marathon, Best Buy, Fox Sports and more. Most of what I do is Design/Front-end and WordPress development but we offer a wide range of digital services. If you are curious […]

Adobe Fireworks Misc.

WordPress as a CMS and the Plugins To Making UX Better

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As a web designer/developer who works with WordPress and who cares not only about end user experience, but also the client experience, I have a set of plugins that I will typically install by default. I believe the less a client has to think about, the better. To me, custom shortcodes are not a good […]

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Loading Javascript in the Footer of your WordPress Theme

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If you want to load all Javascript in your themes footer, you can do so by removing them from the header and re-adding them to the footer. I am not sure where this snippet originated but it is one to add to your WordPress toolbox.

PHP WordPress

Woocommerce – Display custom field on order details page


With Woocommerce, You can use a filter to display custom fields in emails. But have you also wanted those custom fields to display on the customers order details page? If so,  read on… To add custom fields to the order details page, you will need to be familiar with creating template overrides. If you are […]

Woocommerce WordPress

Gravity Forms and Custom Notification Routing

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I had a need to do custom routing that the built-in functionality did not cover. More specifically, when using the Address fields (Street Address, City, State and Zip). For whatever reason, this is not an option in Gravity Forms. If you need to filter the Address.State field, you can hook into “gform_notification“. In this use […]

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Sketch and Adobe Fireworks: Thoughts / Comparison

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With Adobe’s decision to kill off Fireworks, there has been a lot of discussion of what would replace it. Most seem to be pointing to Sketch. So… I decided to do a video on my thoughts of Sketch and how it compares to Fireworks. I wanted to compare some of the common things that I do in […]

Adobe Fireworks Misc.
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